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The Straight Chilling Crew

A podcast about all things horror.

Come, listen to us pontificate wildly! We're a group of friends gather weekly to discuss horrors old and new. The show is comprised of reviews, recommendations, trivia, news and more providing succulent ear morsels for seasoned genre fans and newcomers alike.


aka... Bob, Robbie, Bobby

Host of the show, Halloween fanatic, musician and photographer, Rob has been producing Straight Chilling since September 2014. First being introduced to the horror genre via Wes Craven’s Scream, he later developed an appreciation for classic slashers as well as more modern, meta-films.

Some other favorite films include Halloween, Shaun of the Dead, Re-animator, Sleepaway Camp and Trick ‘r Treat.

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aka... Randy, Randy Gandy G-Landy, Red Stag Randy

In house graphic designer, print collector and connoisseur of the cinematically strange, Andy has been a longtime fan of horror. First captivated by the likes of Sam Raimi and his Evil Dead trilogy, Andy has since developed an appreciation for the best and worst of the splatter film subgenre.

Among his favorites are Evil Dead 2, The Fly, Hausu, Silent Night Deadly Night and The Man Who Laughs.

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aka... Jus, Jus Stains, Booze Stains

Hip hop artist, world traveler, ice cream aficionado and avid reader, Justin came to appreciate horror later in life. After developing an affinity for the gritty realism of Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he has carried out that preference through modern day cinema.

Among his favorites are The Thing, Cabin in the Woods28 Days LaterNo Country for Old Men & Scream.

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DJ Elzebub

aka... Old Scratch, Upside-Down-Crossfader

DJ Elzebub is a totally legit demon DJ, who began by spinning at the crossroads in Brooklyn. His rivalry with DJ Kool Herc, the creation of Hip Hop, and Kool Herc's sudden disappearance is the stuff of legends.

Elzebub now spends his time producing Straight Chilling and offering spiritual guidance to the boys.